Friday, December 10, 2010

Hello Christmas

I love decorating for Christmas and since I saved my Hobby Lobby birthday gift card, I used some of it to buy some more Christmas décor this year!

Here are some pics of our house decked out for Christmas. It totally changes the feeling in the house and it just feels so cozy and wonderful!


I love our small, cheap tree. I got a great deal on it before we were married but I think I managed to fill it out and make it look pretty good considering that it’s kind of a scrawny tree!


Most or all of the ornaments and ribbon are from the dollar store (I love that place…). I added some strips of burlap because I really like the texture. Check me out in the reflection of the ornament Smile.


I love the traditional red and gold and sparkles. Next year, we might get another tree for our living room and I want to do some different-lime green maybe??


My willow tree nativity. I want to get more to add to it, but I still love it for now.


I made these cute ornament wreaths last year and they were so easy!


I added a lot more to the banister garland this year. I wanted it to be fuller so I added red and gold berries, gold pinecones, red and gold ribbon and a few sparkly snowflakes.


I also made these Joy candlesticks last year.


Santa is hiding on top of the cupboards. My three year old nephew saw him and his mom said, “Santa is always watching…” You’re welcome Julie Smile


I go these cute little guys on Black Friday for $20 for the both of them! The cord is driving my absolutely batty but I haven’t fixed it so it’s more hidden yet….


I made this stocking holder last year and I love it! We don’t have a fireplace (sad), but maybe we’ll get one of the fake ones for next year because I still think those are pretty great!

That is our house all Christmas-fied and we love it! We fly to Florida tomorrow night for our cruise and we can’t wait! I’ll be back next week bronzed, glowing, and rejuvenated…


The Steeds said...

Your house is so cute! I will probably send you pictures when we get our house and get your advice on what to do. Ok? Good. Have a great cruise!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Sooo pretty. Love the stocking sign and other things you made! We have an old fireplace that can't be used, so I added orange (close-out) Halloween lights amidst logs and really do like the "warmth" it adds.... I say go for the faux fireplace! Happy cruising!

Anonymous said...

Николай Басков нашел себе новую возлюбленную?! Подробности только у нас