Thursday, November 18, 2010


Deal Alert:

There are some sickkkkk deals at Old Navy right now.

You know when you get up and get ready in the morning and you just grab a shirt that matches your pants? You don’t really put any thought into how it actually looks or how old that shirt is, you just grab it and put it on? Then later in the day you realize it’s ugly and you wonder why you are wearing it and why you even own it anymore. Especially when you just went through your closet and purged half of it.

That’s how today was for me. I decided to make a quick trip to Old Navy on my lunch break (cuz I work at Gateway and I can do sweet stuff like that). I have some birthday money that needs spending. Anyway, I decided to do a quick google search for Old Navy coupons before I went and I came across this:

30% off your entire purchase at O.D. until today. I skipped down there and was bombarded with some awesome sales on tons of cute stuff so I wanted to share the love! There were sweaters, shirts, coats, corduroy pants, dresses, and everything else on sale there. Most sweaters and shirts were around $2-$8!Everything on sale is an additional 50% off and you get 30% off the entire purchase with the coupon! I even checked and the coupon is legit! WHOA. SWEEEEET.

I was pretty stoked so if you have time to run to Old Navy and want some sweet deals for yourself or friends for Christmas, check it out! Let me know what you find…


Amanda said...

That is so awesome! I hope to find a sale like that when I am not pregnant anymore :)

Anonymous said...
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