Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bedroom in progress

My bedroom is still not done but I have made a lot of progress so I thought I would show some updates so far because I'm really happy with what I've been able to do while I've had some time off of work!
Here are the only shots I have of our room before we moved in. The walls were tan and red and white...nice.
The paint job was really awful and they had used really bad rollers so I had to sand every inch of every wall. Wow. I painted the walls a gorgeous gray color called Behr Porpoise. I did a darker accent wall on the bed side of the room called Behr Creek Bend. I LOVE Behr Paint+Primer! It is amazing and I have used it in my whole house and love it. Also, I bought a nice Purdy paintbrush and it was amazing for the corners and ceilings. I didn't even have to tape and it looks great!
I made and upholstered the headboard and I'm really happy with it. It's definitely not perfect and I'm really bugged that the nailhead trim is not a perfect line, but it was sooo hard! I had to hammer every.single.nail. By hand. Luckily Dan went camping this weekend so I sat in front of our new TV (picture below) and worked on this all weekend!I followed the instructions over at Isabella and Max Rooms (awesome decorating blog!) to make the headboard and it worked great. Of course hers is absolutely perfect but whatevs. By the way, I really really love nail guns and staple guns! :)I'm in love with these lamps! I'm mad I didn't take a before picture of them, but I got them on sale at TJ Maxx and I left the bases silver. One shade was pink with brown flowers and one was blue with brown flowers. I covered the shades in white muslin and added a yellow ribbon on the top and bottom. These shades turned out better than the shades I did in my family room thanks to using some great fabric glue called Liquid Stitch.I still have a lot more to do in the room. I'm looking for a cheap used dresser that I can paint yellow because I built this dresser and don't want to paint it. I'm also going to spray paint the night stands white and add silver hardware. I'm going to add curtains (still decided what kind...) and hopefully some kind of chair in the corner. We also have this cute little nook/shelf area that I can decorate somehow. And hopefully we'll get a flat screen around Christmas to hang on the wall :)The picture above shows the different colors the best. I love how calming they are. Sorry about the junk on the floor...that's real life right? Also, below is the white bedskirt I got and I started to add a yellow ribbon along the bottom but I ran out of ribbon tonight dangit! I'm still not sure about the pillow configuration yet, and I'm on the hunt for more/other pillows so I'm sure they will change eventually.
We had my family over for s'mores on my Dad's bday (Labor Day). It was fun and a great Fall evening for enjoying the firepit!
My parents both had their eyes completely closed in the only picture I took of them but they were there too :)And last, we picked up this beauty last weekend.Dan and I have talked about getting a big screen for awhile, but we were going to wait until the holiday sales. Dan NEVER spends money (luckily I'm really good at it), and he came home last week and wanted to go look. I was pretty surprised and I recognized the crazy look in his eyes but I was up for it. We got an awesome deal at RC Willey on this 50" plasma and we also got a free Blu-Ray player! We're really happy with it and of course now I want to find a new stand for it but we'll probably hang it on the wall eventually. I love this commercial too ("This is Peggy....yes...yes....")! The best part about it is that our cable package already had the HD channels so we don't have to pay any extra per month for HD! SWEET! High def is incredible and we love our new TV. Dan really loves it. Like a ton. Way way a lot. He's obsessed.

I start my new job on Monday and I'm really excited and really nervous! I'll post more updates on the bedroom progress ASAP.


Shell said...

Everything looks SOOOO good! I love your room colors like A TON! Good work! I love you and your boots, they are awesome! Love you lots!

Heidi said...

LOVE that comercial, always makes me laugh way hard and it is so true. Hailey, please please please help me with my house!! Hello, yours is perfect. I love everything about it. Someday, (like in a million years) I am going to pay to decorate my entire house. Hope you're doing well. xo

Heidi said...

I ment to say pay YOU!

Hailey Jones said...

curtain idea.
so when we were in tex we hung out with one of nic's mission comps. and his wife was ultra crafty (LIKE YOU) and she made the cutest curtains that i'm going to do in my room and in ruby's room. maybe. hopefully. but she baught regular curtains (in your case maybe a grey) and then she used the fabric from one of her throw pillows and sewed a food wide line across the bottom half of the curtains. i wish i had a picture because i know you'd love it. maybe i will just do it to mine and post it. andwe're finishing rubes room tomorrow and i seriously said in my head. i hope haley hill likes this. because i'm obsessed with all of your decorations. and i have been trying to do a lamp but i have to find one first. we are also looking for a dresser so if you find two let me know... and i'll do the same.

Julie said...

Love the bedroom, it looks awesome! Love how crafty you are, can you help me with my boys'rooms for cheap?

Emily said...

I can NOT believe that is your headboard!! I've been clicking through your older posts since i looooove your house & the design, and I saw in the close-up that you have the exact same fabric for your headboard that I picked out a few weeks ago for mine. Now I know that it looks awesome in a room with grey, white, & a bold color (i'm torn between yellow and blue.. ha).

I guess great [creative] minds think alike! :)