Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some updates...

**I HATE BLOGGER. Since I updated to Windows 7, Windows Live Writer won't install on my computer and I've been trying to get help from customer support but I'm using blogger right now and it really sucks. I have tried to post this for over an hour and gave up and am now trying again. Sorry for the gayness of blogger. **

So things have been pretty busy with us lately so I haven't really had time to post much. But here are a few updates.

First of all, we live in Davis County, about 10-15 minutes from Ogden. As many of you know, Ogden is known as the armpit of Utah. I would have to agree and especially some parts of downtown Ogden are pretty sketchy. Luckily we're pretty far away from all that and we love where we live. Anyway, I was driving to the LDS Cannery and came across these sweet folks.

They must have been moving or something because the woman was sitting in a recliner in the back seat and the truck was loaded down with stuff. The lady was missing several teeth and the guy was rocking a skullet. His shirt was completely cut off on the sides so it was flapping in the wind like a cape. Love it.
Example of the gayness of blogger (why is it underlined and blue?!):

We have been loving our fire pit and we use it at least once a week. It's so fun to sit around a fire in the summertime and just talk or eat s'mores. Our neighbors come over sometimes too so that is fun. This past week we have been seeing a ton of these little (and big) buggers. Toads! I couldn't believe it the first time I saw one since I have never really seen them in yards and stuff. They come out at night and we have seen a ton around our yard and when we go on walks around the neighborhood.Yay for my pretty flowers!

We were finally able to go to Jackson Hole a few weeks ago for a long weekend and we had a blast! We went several times the past few summers since we lived in Logan and Dan's brother and my sister lived up there. But this year they are not up there but we went and camped and ran the river a few times, ate yummy food and did a few hikes. It was gorgeous and the weather was perfect!
We hiked to Phelp's Lake and everyone jumped off a huge boulder into the lake. I was still recovering from getting cold on the river (I always get cold and I hate it!), so I didn't jump, but I'm sure I'll do it another time. I don't mind jumping off high things, but I hate doing it into ice water! Dan loved it though and it was really fun.

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Julie said...

Oh good times, we love your firepit and toads too:)