Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gimp Love

If you don’t know, Gimp is the free version of Photoshop and I love it! I have very little experience ever using Photoshop, but I use Gimp a ton and it’s great. I had some fun whitening teeth and brightening eyes of pictures I have taken.

In this pic, I whitened Hilary’s teeth. Much nicer right?

1                     In this picture, I brightened my nephew’s eyes. It’s a subtle difference, but I think it looks cool. Untitled                     In this pic of myself, I brightened my eyes and whitened my teeth. Pretty cool! 2                       If anyone is interested in how I did this, let me know and I will post the links to the tutorials I referred to.


Alicia said...

I am LOVING your new haircut. (Is it new?) I have already made a hair appt. (Who is copying who now? haha)

Derek and Bre said...

Yea, and what about that new hair! so cute on you. So I just downloaded GIMP but am not having as much success, I am not very patient when it comes to trying to figure things out so you need to teach me! Seriously l love the new do!

Shell said...

YOu really are the best Gimper on the planet! I told Teresa that you are for sure going to make her girls' wedding invites, but that's a little ways off, so don't get to excited;-) Also, I like that Bre isn't too patient w/ Gimp makes me feel better. But she did tell me how to get my blog list on the side to show me the updates...what do you think about that?!?!? Impressed?