Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekend Plans!

I kind of like posting about the decorating/projects I have planned for the weekend, so that’s what I’m going to do again.

I finished the molding squares and I really love them! Dan is going snowshoeing with his brothers in Idaho this weekend and although I will miss him, I am excited to take my time and figure things out myself this weekend.

My plan is to paint our half bathroom. Here are a few crappy pics before we moved in. It’s a nice space right off the kitchen but the walls are a sick blue and one of the walls isn’t even painted and the mirror is ginormous with nothing around it. And there is an unnecessary towel bar, and cheap towel ring and t.p. holder. Anyway, I thought this would be a good (relatively) small project for this weekendIMG_4531.IMG_4530So my plan is to take down the towel bar, paint the walls, door, ceiling, baseboard and trim around door. I picked  Behr Chai Spice for the walls and I can’t wait to see it.MPC0079919-2                                   I’m also going to attempt to install crown molding. This is my inspiration:       DSC06197            I’m going to do the corner blocks like she did because it is easier. I have been to Home Depot about a bajillion times and asked a bunch of questions so I think I have an idea of what to do. I’m going to borrow my brother-in-law’s nail gun so that should help.

I’m also going to put molding around the mirror to frame it. I’ve seen this done a lot on blogs and it looks sweet! I am going to stain the molding to hopefully match the cabinets, but I’m a little nervous about doing that because I don’t know if it will look weird if it doesn’t match exactly. So maybe I should just paint it white?? I don’t know!!mirror              I also need to find a little rug and matching towel. I am going to be on the look out for something cheap and cute to put above the toilet as well. I will also keep looking for a new light fixture, but the one we have is fine for now.

I have been looking at toilet paper holders and towel rings at Home Depot & Lowes. They are around $15-$25 each for the lower end styles. So I checked out Amazon and found some nice Moen ones for less than $10 each with free shipping! Score!                                          Moen-DN8408CH-rw-101515-165932 Moen-DN8486CH-rw-101634-166006 So I’ll put those in as soon as I get them in the mail. Hopefully soon!

So those are my big plans and hopefully Shelley will come down and help me. :) And hopefully I can get it all done and make it look super great and not nail my finger to the wall or something…for some reason I have this big problem with thinking logically. Dan says I have book smarts but not street smarts and he’s definitely right. I did well in school and can figure out technical things, but when it comes to logic or “street smarts”, I fail miserably.

Stuff happens to me all the time where I can’t figure something logical out even when it’s totally and completely obvious. That’s where Dan comes in. He is very good at logical thinking and he’s pretty good at not laughing at me when I can’t figure something simple out.

Just a few stupid things I’ve done recently:

-Hit myself in the mouth with the back of the hammer while nailing something. Okay this is just stupid, it has nothing to do with thinking logically or not.

-Couldn’t figure out how to get a belt hanger around a screw I had put in the wall because the hanger loop-thing was too small to fit around the screw. I tried and tried to force it, then finally asked Dan and he laughed really hard while telling me to screw the screw in around the loop! Don’t know if that make sense to you but DUH.

-Tried to drain water from noodles by holding the noodles back with a fork but half the noodles ended up in the sink. Shelley (roommate at the time) kindly showed me I could use the lid with it because it had a hole to drain water.

There are many more but I’ll save myself the embarrassment. Oh well, that’s one of the reasons I married Dan! But we’ll see how this weekend goes and I’m sure I’ll survive. The bathroom may not….wish me luck!


Shell said...

You are silly and I hope the weather lets up so that I can come and help you think logically:-) Your molding squares look SOO good. Yay for houses and decorating them!

Mike and Blake said...

Sounds like cute plans! Make sure and post pictures when you are done!

Julie said...

Hoe does the bathroom look? Can't wait to see all the improvements to your cute house.