Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Well I finally got some pictures from the past few weeks. We've just been getting the house ready to move into and we got moved in and now we're finishing unpacking, then the fun can begin! I will start decorating! Woo hoo! Mike was at the top of a super tall ladder painting the tip top of our super tall walls in the entry way!
Everyone helped out and we got the entire main floor and upstairs hallway painted!
Me cleaning the laundry room and the spanking clean microwave! It was pretty sick before.
Dan cleaning out the garage! We LOVE our garage!
After another long night getting the house ready.
Painting is my nemesis! I suck at getting edges and I'm so impatient! I have started going around all my edges and corners where different colors touch with a really tiny brush to try to make them look good! It's a never ending battle!
Here are the mouse pictures I promised....brace yourself haha. We found out we have a mouse problem but I think we've figured it out! We caught about 8 or so mice in just a few days! The first one dan killed while we were cleaning the house and the rest have been caught in the good old fashioned traps. Dan sealed up a bunch of holes outside the house and under cabinets and behind the stove. We think that's where they were coming from and we haven't had any for the past few days so cross your fingers!
Yucka. I just had to take a pic and post it! :) On a totally different note, I made my first official craft. I've become completely obsessed with all these great thrifty and crafty blogs! There are so many cool ideas and I can't wait to start working on things! Before we moved, I started small and I just made this! I think it's really cute and I have a few other ideas for something similar for Christmas. It's just a fleur de lis cut out (really carefully) on scrapbook paper, modge podged to a painted canvas and hung with a ribbon! Cuties!
Dan finally cut his hair! It was really out of control and even though I absolutely loved his curls, he was way overdue for a trim! So his mom chopped it all up and cleaned him up beautifully. He now looks like the man I married, what a hunk. See the pic of Dan and the mouse above for the after shots.
Painting, painting, and more painting....
Isn't he cute? Hahahahahaha I love that afro.


Alicia said...

Haley, This is DeAnn! Alicia is home for Thanksgiving and she showed me your blog. Congratulations on your new home and I have to comment on how adorable your family pictures are from Wheeler Farm. Gosh, I love you guys. Your mom is a forever friend.

The Woodwards said...

Holy smokes, that looks like a huge project!! It looks really good though, we'd love to come and see it sometime. Nice hair cut Dan, I have to admit for a guy to put his hair in a ponytail is a little extreme! :)