Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fun Fall Festivities

So this fall has been really great. I've loved not being in school and having more time to do things I enjoy and not stress over school so much. Dan has been working really hard to do well in school and we have been having a good time. I love the fall weather and we have a great park right by our apartment that we walk and run at a lot. We went over there on a Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago and had lunch and enjoyed the gorgeous weather and colors.Dan is really funny and this was after our walk, on the way home.
Pretty leaves!

I love fall so much I'm leaping with joy!
This is a little weird...I was walking at the park one day awhile ago and I saw this big group of people dressed up in medieval-type clothes and they were battling each other with padded swords, shields and bow and arrows! It was so crazy, but I didn't have my camera! When we had lunch at the park awhile later, I saw this poster! Sweeeeet.
I went with Shelley and her sister Haley and her girls to the Witches Night Out at Gardner Village. It was the first time for all of us and we had tons of fun. We didn't really go all out, but we definitely want to next year! So many women were there and the atmosphere was just really fun. Afterards, we went and made caramel apples with heath bars! So yummy!
Me and Laney.

We also went up to Logan to visit Shell and Brian and Thad! I love this sweet little boy!

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rbhenrie said...

Hey, cute pics lady, but you have a picture of you and Laney and it's says it's you and Avery, so fix it... JK! Your blog is so stinkin cute! ~Brigitte