Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some crafty things I want to do

Well we're still in the process of trying to buy a home! I knew that it could take awhile, but it's still driving us nuts with the waiting! We found a house in Clinton that we loved, and while we were waiting to hear back about that house, we found another house in West Point that we loved even more! So we had 2 offers at the same time. The home in Clinton didn't work out (the bank wanted more than the actual list price...lame!), but we're okay with it because we want the West Point home more anyway! So we're hoping to get some good news later this week sometime, but ya never know!

So I don't know if it's the weather, or the fact that we're hopefully getting a house soon or what, but I've been wanting to do some simple (stress the word simple), crafty things! I'm not a big crafty person, and although I like to cook and bake, I don't sew. Not at all. And I don't imagine that I ever will. But I do like other crafts and hopefully when I have a home, I'll be able to do some of these things and have somewhere to put them! And since I'm not in school, I have LOADS of time on my hands to do them! Yay! Twine covered vase. So easy and so cool.

Planted bread. Coolest idea ever for gifts. Maybe for Christmas??Mod Podge sheet music to display over a piano. I need my piano first though....
I love this idea. It takes no sewing and you just cover foam board with fabric and wonder under and then iron on and decorate how you want! I don't have any kids yet but I thought I could do something in an office or guest bedroom with a different word like "Dream" or "Inspire" or something like that. These are so easy but so delicious especially for the holidays! Chocolate and caramel covered pretzel sticks!
This last idea is also really cute and easy and just involves taking a digital scrapbook page (or any picture or anything) and mod podging it to a painted canvas to display somewhere!


ShaNae said...

ok so I love to do crafts! those all look so fun! Just wish I had the money to do it! loved the sheet music thing for sure!

Rob and Vienna said...

I've been in a big crafty mood too. Too bad we don't live close anymore; we could have craft parties. My mom makes those pretzels all the time, and they are way delish. Good luck on the house; we'll be keeping our fingers crossed for you guys!

Lanea Sampson said...

I have to laugh at you, Hays...I made the twine vase MANY years ago when I had time on MY hands. And I was really into ModgePodge. Like mother, like daughter???

Steve and Chelsea said...

Those are some fun ideas! I can't wait to see how your piano music turns out! Oh, and the twine vase is really easy! If you want to make it really cheap, go to the D.I. to get your vase! They have a really good selection most of the time, AND I have seen twine at the dollar store.
As for your house, I hope that you are able to get into it!