Sunday, July 26, 2009

24th of July celebrations

We had a great 24th of July. Steph came down from Jackson Hole with her "friend" Trace. And my aunt and uncle from California were also here! So for our tiny family, it was a huge party! We had a yummy bbq and did tons of fireworks. We haven't done fireworks in our circle forever so it was really fun!

Dan was our firework pro and he was also the most excited about the fireworks! He's still such a kid, I love it.

Lighting fireworks in the circle!

Keith and Karen enjoying the fireworks.


Haley Hill said...

Cute pix, Hays! Thanks for celebrating with us. We love you guys :)

The Fauxes said...

My husband loves fireworks too! He BEGGED to start them before it was even dark. Silly boys!

The Steeds said...

Thanks for your help in doing collages. I ended going with a free program called photoscape. It is very easy to use. Thanks again!