Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jackson Hole

So we went to Jackson Hole this weekend and we had a blast. Dan's brother Mike, manages a whitewater company up there and my sister is working for another whitewater company there! So we went up on Friday evening and staying until Sunday evening. The weather was nice but still a little chilly and rainy, but we got to stay in Mike's sweet trailor so that was great! We went down the river and Mike hooked us up with wet suits and gear to keep us warm! I was so grateful for that and it made the river ride even better! I also got to hang out with my sister which was so fun and overall, we just had a good time. It's so gorgeous up there and Dan just daydreams about it all day. If I would, he would just pack up and move up there and live in a tent by the river all summer! But....that's not really going to happen so we'll just have to settle for visiting this summer! We didn't take a ton of pics but here are some fun pictures of the trip.

We went on a sweet hike to a gorgeous lake in Teton National Park.

It started pouring rain right after we started the hike so we took cover under some pine trees for awhile and watched the storm. It was so neat to be in the forest and listen to the rain and watch the lightning and hear the loud thunder!

Mike and Rachel's tree wasn't working so well so they took cover with us under our tree!
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The Steeds said...

That looks like so much fun! Wish I could go to Jackson.

CMHill said...

How fun! Hope you guys are doing well and you are liking your job and new place.