Friday, May 29, 2009

Moving Day!

Well unfortunately I don't have any pictures to post because I'm at work doing this (shhh!) and I didn't even take pictures of us moving anyway! But we did move last night and it was very eventful, somewhat stressful, and extremely busy! But with the help of some great family and friends, we were able to get all our stuff out of our cute apartment in Logan and into our cute (but smaller) apartment in Riverdale. We will really miss Logan and I hope some day we can end up back in Cache Valley. Since I moved there 4 years ago, I have loved it (despite the nasty winters) and I am so sad to leave. Dan hated it when he first came and now he loves it more than I do! It's so beautiful there, and less busy, and we just love it! Logan is so safe and clean and the people are nice. We have some wonderful memories of Logan that we will never forget!

While moving, I really couldn't believe how much stuff we have acquired and even Danny was amazed. We crammed everything into the new place and went to bed and now I have the wonderful task of unpacking! YAY! My great mom is going to come help tomorrow while Dan helps his family paint their house. I feel very happy to have a great place to live, especially considering the nightmare that it was to find a place. It's cute, clean, in a good location, and the owners of the house (we're in the basement) are GREAT! It's also a good price and we only have to stay until the end of October! So hopefully we can find a great house and move again!!! Ugh. Anyway, once we get all settled and have our internet hooked up next week, I'll post some pictures of our new place! Anyone is welcome to visit anytime! And thanks again to everyone who helped us move! We love you guys!

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Rob and Vienna said...

Hooray! Good luck with the unpacking; that's the worst. I love to go down to Ogden (they have Target there), so we'll have to meet you guys for dinner or something, once you're settled.