Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Christmas!

Okay so I know I'm doing this really late, but things have been crazy! We have been down in West Jordan on and off for the past 3 weeks. It was great, but we have just been busy and I haven't had time to put up all these great pictures! And I'm really upset because they're not in chronological order, but it would probably take me hours to do it. They are in backwards chronological order (pretty much at least), so just imagine it! Anyway, we had a wonderful Christmas and we were able to go back and forth between our families. We got so many great gifts and it was so much fun! Here are all the Goates grandkids and great-grandkids with their jammies from grandparents! The unmarried kids got pjs and the married kids got a dirt devil mini vacuum!
It was madness at Grandpa Goates' house! There were so many people jammed in there, but it was a blast!
Here is me, Steph and Court at my parent's house for Christmas dinner.
Shelley came over so we could exchange gifts. She gave me a 1 month pass to her "boot camp" aerobics class! I definitely need it. :)
Christmas dinner with the Thomas family.
So this is an actual cake that Dan's aunt Julie made! She did the cake for our wedding and she's amazing! Everything is cake except for the silver bottom! Crazy!
Eating Christmas lunch/dinner at Dan's house.
This table for the grandkids was the gift some of the kids bought for Debbie and Marty.
Jon, Julie and Dan. We exchanged gifts with them and they gave us some games and a sweet plaque that says, "Ute fans live here"! I loved it!
Addy's beautiful princess crown and earrings.
Elisabeth got a cabbage patch doll with matching outfits! She wore it for 3 days straight!
Sarah is just a tiny little thing, but she's so cute!
The grandkids opening some gifts from grandma and grandpa.

Grandpa is handing out the gifts. Before he did, everyone sang "jingle bells", it was cute.
These are the gifts we got from Debbie and Marty. It's food storage! My favorite!
Our big pile of presents from my parents and sister.
My sister got a sweet robe. She's a maniac.
Dan was really excited to open a pack of maglite flashlights from my sister.
Mom and Dad with their gifts.
Steph and I with some of our presents.
We got a sweet ipod from my parents! Woo hoo!
Dan and I got up earlier and opened each other's presents in my parent's basement first. I was so happy with what he gave me, I didn't even care to go upstairs and open more! He did great!
He loves M&Ms and I got him a Sam's Club size pack......
All my great gifts from Dan!
Dan wants to do the Lotoja bike race in the fall so I got him some bike stuff.
Steph and I doing some sweet poses on Christmas Eve with Ollie the dog.
So we are in our new pjs from my parents.
We're so happy to open our pjs, we just can't contain our excitement!
Christmas Eve at Dan's parent's house.
Here is Alex and Brigham getting cookies ready to leave for Santa on Christmas Eve. Mark went outside after the kids were in bed and jingled bells outside their window and they were so excited! It was way cute.
Baby Taylor is the happiest kid in the world. He's so cute and smiley all the time!


Brandon and Amy said...

Hey! Looks like Christmas was fun. I just read that Danny want to do the Lotoja! Brandon is training for that too! We should go cheer for them together!

The Hills said...

It was great fun to see you guys for Christmas. You got much better pics then I did of the kids. Hope school goes well for you both!

Lanea Sampson said...

hays-great pix. I'm glad you took some cuz I didn't take any!! It was sooooo fun having you guys here. I love you!!

The Steeds said...

Fun pics-- however, I am a little bummed that they weren't in order. :)