Thursday, September 25, 2008

Random pictures

Well I haven't posted for quite awhile and I apologize to all those who religiously check our blog (is that just me that does that??) Anyway, school started again so life got busier. Dan and I are both in school full time and we each work about 30 hours a week. So we don't have quite as much time to play and take pictures and I don't have as much time to blog. Tragic right? But here are some random pictures of what we've been doing the past few weeks. My parents came up for the USU vs. Utah football game. It was nice weather and a lot of fun to see them. Amazingly, USU scored first, but then went on to get slaughtered by the U. Oh well, The U was always my football team anyway.

We went rock climbing with Dan's family on Labor Day.

Here we are with Shelley and Brian cooking up some tinfoil dinners in the mountains. Yumma.

Tuesday night I drove down to Salt Lake with my friends for the So You Think You Can Dance concert tour! It was magnificent. We loved it and the dances were great. 3 of the dancers on the tour were from Utah too! I loved it!

Here are some not-so-high-quality videos of some of my favorite dances. The blonde girl is Chelsie from Orem. Pretty sweet.

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