Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Past adventures

Here are some pictures of fun stuff Dan and I have done in the past. We have known each other since high school, so we have a lot of great pictures. I'll leave out the high school pics and just post some pictures of us this past year.

I went to California with Danny's family in February. We went to Disneyland and had a great time! Here is me and Dan and Mike with Indiana Jones hats on!

Another Disneyland picture. This is us at the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse.Here we are at California adventure. It was really fun!Here I am with some of Danny's many nieces and nephews. There are currently 8 of them with one more due next week! They are so cute and fun and I just love them!
Here we are on New Year's Eve at my house. We had a little party with some of our friends.
I love this picture! This was our first day of school (Danny's first day of college)! Precious.

We like doing adventuresome things and we heard about a cave up by Tony's grove (not too far from Logan). So we went and explored it a couple of times. It was really awesome and the cave was HUGE. We climbed all around and had a great time. We will probably go back this year, but we'll have to wait quite awhile until all the snow melts from this winter!

Having dutch oven dessert in the mountains.This is the night we got cute!
Here we are at Temple Square during Christmas. The lights were beautiful, but it was FREEZING!

Here we are at a USU football game. It was pretty rainy and of course, our team lost.
This is some of our high school friends at Danny's homecoming.

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